The Tar Pit: changes

007 August 10, 2013 -- (asphalt)

This post brings along a few changes to The Tar Pit.

Firstly, the site structure has been modified to accommodate year changes. Posts can now be found in posts/yxz/id-postname.html instead of posts/id-postname.html, where xz is a two-digit number, starting with year 00 (equivalent to 2013). I doubt that I will ever write more than 365 posts per year, and I doubt even more that I will ever write more than 150 posts per year, while most modern computer file systems can host about 500 to 1000 files per directory without a significant performance loss in file loading. Unfortunately, this breaks a few external links I have sent. Fortunately, the number of broken links is yet small, which is why I've decided to implement this now rather than later.

Secondly, I downloaded the fonts on Google Fonts locally, for my personal convenience, as I doubt Google sites will have any significant downtime anytime soon. I've specified font licenses in a LICENSE.markdown file. Please contact me if you see anything wrong there, I'm not too familiar with Legalese.