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006 August 7, 2013 -- (meta)

Hello, Mirror, so glad to see you my friend
It's been a while

I am a firm believer in the ideas of Open Source and Free Software, and in the fact that they can drive the world forward. Closed source software obeys the Rules of Market: it is born (as a Product), grows, matures, gets old and then, finally, it dies, and it is then that it becomes lost for all eternity. Open source software, on the other hand, is in a sense organic: it is born (as an unpolished piece), grows, matures, gets old, but is never lost, as the almighty Source will always be there for someone to compile it, or at least reverse engineer it and then make use of it in some other way.

Thus I believe that Github is one entity that can help drive the world forward, which is why I am publishing not only The Tar Pit's content, but also its plumbing, on Github. Have fun with it!