The Tar Pit: changes [ii]

00c August 26, 2013 -- (asphalt)

The advantages of, let's call them "standard" blogging platforms, such as Wordpress, is that they're convenient: they have a user-friendly interface that accommodates the needs of content publishers, without bothering them with technical details, at the same time hiding this interface from content consumers.

The advantages of "non-standard" blogging platforms, such as Hakyll, is that, while they require some programming skills, they are also more flexible and have a smaller overall complexity; they also aim to provide the reader, rather than the creator, with a pleasant experience. However, this can only be true if the content publisher/creator eats his own food.

While the previous set of changes were mostly related to The Tar Pit's backend, this time I worked mainly on its look. The archives are now prettier and (hopefully) easier to browse. The home page is also a bit more useful: I added a witty quote (which might change from time to time) and a list of labels, which aren't exactly tags in the truest technical sense of the word, but they're not categories either. So let's just call them "labels" and leave it at that.

I'll probably come with some other smaller or bigger modifications as The Tar Pit grows. All things considered, I'm pretty satisfied with how things've turned out so far.