Feedbot manual

081 January 26, 2019 -- (tmsr)

For Republicans: You've most probably arrived here via !1 help. Read below for a description of available bot commands.

For allcomers: you've reached the manual for feedbot, TMSR's new1 RSS bot. For further details on all these words you don't know, read the logs, get in the WoT etc.

Available feedbot commands (prefixed by !1):

For more questions, please contact the friendly maintainer in #spyked or #trilema, on Freenode.

  1. The job was previously assigned to and diligently executed by deedbot.

  2. I.e. the command issuer, identified by his or her IRC nickname, or more generally, GNS handle.

    Note that when a command is issued in-channel, the "command issuer" and the subsequent recipient of RSS notifications is the channel. Thus, for example if you call

    > !1 subscribe http://my-blog.xxx/feed/

    in #trilema, the channel will become a subscriber to my-blog.xxx's RSS.

    Also note that in particular for #trilema, the current policy is that only members in deedbot's L1 are allowed to subscribe/unsubscribe blogs to feedbot. This policy is not (for now) mechanically enforced, so expect to get negrated if you break it.