Schedule for Republican work, February - April 2019

082 February 3, 2019 -- (tmsr)

It is said, and by now well-known as a matter of fact, that making roasted cabbage out of one's priorities, words and assumptions inevitably leads to pain, which, when improperly digested1, itself leads to a feedback loop of further pain, spilled guts and rivers of blood. This is how, back in November, after months of rollercoaster-ing, I've ended up in a similar situation; and how, after further rollercoaster-ing and making the conscious decision of settling down into something that's more than a rat race, I've arrived at this particular point in time and space.

It occurs to me2, after circa three years of following the unfolding history of The Most Serene Republic, and about a year and a half of just beginning to participate, that this is by far the most interesting, intellectually challenging (and demanding), fun, promising, etc. project one could think of, or in any case, the only (as far as I know) serious thing happening while the world's busy derping about. So since it's finally occured to me, it's high time I set a (realistic, I hope) schedule for my short-term work, also taking into account saecular matters. Furthermore, I will have a glance into other future work and invite members of the Lordship to comment on priorities.

My schedule for the following two months or so revolves mainly around making the feedbot code publicly available. I have set the following timeline for myself:

On the medium and long term, my queue contains other tasks that are either more ample and require further planning, or they are hard to estimate because of (potentially unknown) unknowns. Currently on the list:

Comments are, as usually, more than welcome.

Update, February 4, 2019: comments in the forum have led to the following items being added to my queue:

  1. The pain, although we could probably say the same about the cabbage.

  2. To be fair, I was hit by this way back when, (re)reading Trilema and the writings predating it (meanwhile no longer online), discovering Loper OS and then spending countless sleepless nights going through the rabbit holes that are the logs and the Lordship's blogs, I repeatedly went "well, what in the blazing bowels of Beelzebub am I doing with my life?"

    It took quite a while to properly put it into words.