TMSR work: plan for 2019 M8

099 August 5, 2019 -- (tmsr)

For teh posterilulz: this post was published one day late.

July started with a committment to a plan and continued with work on CL WWWism: a CL-WHO demo, an overview of Hunchentoot's architecture, a schema and a demo of the same and a review of one of its main components. Not that bad1, is it?

August started with: comments on the lack of a comment box on this here Tar Pit; comments on the quality of Hunchentoot code; and an emergency halt to discussions on #trilema, caused by btcbase logbot downtime and the lack of an immediate replacement.

Another observation would be that I've been completely neglecting documenting other (more or less important) things in favour of my technical work; and as that string of events I've experienced and places I've seen goes further into the past, my mind keeps distorting and forgetting. Which means that if I don't do this ASAP, I might as well screw it... which I won't, because I'm stubborn like that.

All these given, the plan for the next two months (or so) will have to suffer a few minor adjustments in priorities. In particular August is set to look along the lines of:

This covers about all of Hunchentoot, with the exception of: headers.lisp, compat.lisp, specials.lisp, util.lisp, set-timeouts.lisp and mime-types.lisp; some of these I've already covered as appendixes of the main text, some might need special treatment, I'm not sure yet. Ideally each of these reviews should also come with a demo, but as acceptors demonstrate, sometimes the triteness is inherent in this type of documentation.

Before wrapping this up, let's take a look at the medium term:

As for the long term:

And then there's that huge list that I'll have to get back to later. For now discussion goes into #spyked and will be posted at 4.

  1. Just for the record, writing one of those large posts takes me anywhere between one and five days of full-time work. I shudder thinking at how this planning's going to hold when saeculum decides to hit me out of nowhere. Yes, when, not if.

    We'll cross that bridge when we get to it, I guess.

  2. Sifting through the photos should take about an hour; processing them another one to three, depending on the photos -- working on DSLR raws is not a mechanical process, mkay? Then writing the whole thing up and proofreading will take me another circa two hours, which brings this to 4-6 hours total.

    This then should give me some time at the end of the week to reload some Hunchentoot in my head and carry on with what comes next.

  3. No, I won't link the fucking pdf, it wholly beats the purpose of what I'm discussing.

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