Hermannstadt, part two: the huge-ass photo shoot

October 27, 2018 by Lucian Mogosanu

We start precisely where we previously left off, i.e. on Strada Cetății:

This second take won't delve too much into descriptions -- I believe the previous Sibiu post has more than enough details -- instead I'll do the exercise of giving the reader thousands of words with short annotations to sift through. This being said, let us proceed.

The inner court of the Altemberger house:

Views from the Small Square:

Statues near the Tower of The Stairs and the Winekeller, experimental shots:

The main tower of the Evangelic Church, as seen from a small square below:

A very basic outlet:

A wide shot of the sunset over Sibiu, taken from Centumvirilor:

A face watching me from a window on A.D. Xenopol:

Various objects on the same street:

The Orthodox Cathedral, view from A.D. Xenopol Street:

The New Face of the Multilaterally-Developed New Man, a table inside a tent somewhere downtown:

Various shots taken downtown:

Love; metals iz life:

Entrance into the Large Square, from Arhivelor; an experimental piece further down the line:

The Emperor of Romans:

Photos from the Dumbrava natural park at the southern border of Sibiu:

Autumnal colours:

And that's about it for now. At this point I was sure this was going to be the last of autumn's sunny days, but as soon as I got back to Bucharest, I did a few more photo sessions which are now brewing in the virtual darkroom. So see you again in a couple of days!

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