The Tar Pit Lisp Blog Scaffolding genesis

September 27, 2019 by Lucian Mogosanu

V patch: thetarpit-lbs-genesis.vpatch (seal).

Or, via the method:

$ mkdir thetarpit-lbs; cd thetarpit-lbs
$ mkdir .wot
# Copy spyked's public key to .wot via deedbot or whatever.
$ init
$ f
thetarpit-lbs-genesis.vpatch (spyked)
$ p thetarpit-lbs-genesis thetarpit-lbs-genesis.vpatch
$ cat thetarpit-lbs-genesis/thetarpit-lbs/manifest
596660 thetarpit-lbs-genesis spyked The Tar Pit Lisp Blog Scaffolding, a set of Common Lisp scripts for static blog generation

Make sure to take a look at the README, it should give you a superficial idea of how it works. Do mind that the code was written circa three years ago, back when I started learning that Common Lisp dialect. It is, as previously stated, rather a set of basic tools for generating web pages in the shape of a blog; thus it lacks all the nifty functionality you can find in e.g. a MP-WP, although given enough work, it could be whipped into something similar.

Who knows, the day might come when I turn it into a proper Wordpress replacement, but until then, there are other things burning. So I expect this will remain on my shelf in the current form for the foreseeable future.

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