All is old and all is new...

June 21, 2020 by Lucian Mogosanu

The problem with new-style churches is that their ritualisms differ from the old-style ones merely in form: there is no fundamental difference between praying with one's ass leaning at thirty degrees, and staring at the slime oozing out of the tube, both behaviours reward the very same type of stupidity; as there is no fundamental difference between submerging an infant in a pool of water to "drive away evil spirits", and getting more silly-walkers "into tech" for the sake of "equality".

The problem with new-style revolutionaries is that they're no less stupid than the old-style ones: if or when they arise to power, they are going to run into the very same problems, all documented by thinkers in the last few millenia and woefully disregarded by unthinkers in the last few centuries; who knows, if they're lucky enough, they might just reinvent the wheel under another name.

The problem with new-style styles is that they are devoid of any actual style. Vreme trece, vreme vine, the hidden wheel of time revolves, unflinchingly.

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