My opinion of this whole "covid" matter

May 2, 2020 by Lucian Mogosanu

Well, it's just someone's opinion on the internets, so it doesn't matter much. Despite that, or maybe precisely because of it, I see no reason not to publish it here, although my understanding of the issue is, I'm supposing, very limited. I can't say I have a very deep insight into present-day politics, nor does the press help any in deciphering the truth, yet for some reason it came to me this morning, yet again.

Recently, my mother's been telling me that despite all the scare, there's still kids playing around in the old neighbourhood, because what else are they supposed to do, really. Not only that, but -- and I've been hesitating to write on this, although I did for a bit, somewhere else -- in general nobody gives two shits about what the government decides: they'll happily not wear masks (because they're nowhere to be found), they'll still crowd in the buses and the markets and so on and so forth, yes, the very people in the very densely populated towns that this whole situation was supposed to protect. But I digress.

This morning, while observing one of the young dads walking his kid on the street, a memory struck me; a memory of a five-year old Lucian, whose parents told him that when he gets out, he should rather stay around the block and avoid wandering into the depths of the neighbourhood. To which I add: lest he ends up in the ghettos and ends up being fucked in the ass by some of the more lunatic folks living there. So you know, they imposed this rule for my protection, because I didn't know better, why else.

Jumping forward to anno domini 2020, Mother-state, for some reason that escapes me ("social distancing", amirite?), makes the decision to carefully instruct its citizens to... what? #hashtagstayathome, amirite? Hell, if they fill out the right form, they can even get out to take a walk or a run -- but only around the block, for their own protection.

So then, this neoteny... metaphor, I guess? represents my opinion on the matter: for whatever reason, such as the Great-er plague laying waste among human societies, or the inflation engine burning out, or whatever you'd have, really, I don't care and I'm not interested in a debate on that matter... well, for whatever reason, the state finds itself in the hapless position of having to decide what to do with all these people it has lying around. And as usual, the same state makes (among all the options it has readily available at the year's dawn) the worst choice of them all, i.e. forcing its citizens in the retarded position of "being taken care of", precisely like five-year olds. Of course, that it does that merely to defend itself and the circus of pretend-democracy, and that, as well demonstrated by experience, the retards are actually unable to take responsibility of their own lives in such situations, these are already considerations that have been beaten to death in the literature.

Well, perhaps, perhaps it's worth pointing out that at the end of the day, not the five-year old, but the seven-year old still got face to face with the lunatic, and he had to defend his ass on his own, 'cause mommy was somewhere else. The pointed difference being that our hypothetical five-year old's growth wasn't stunted by stupid decrees.

In short, nature natures its own way, irrespective of any human "decision".

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