Work plan for M1 2020

January 16, 2020 by Lucian Mogosanu

Now that I have 2019 out of the way, time to (belatedly, yet again) get to this month's edition of "stuff that I'm going to do"!

First off, since we're already two weeks in January: I've spent the first days of this year resting, then slowly getting this engine back into working state by reviewing Trinque's OS series1 -- well, the first two parts for the time being -- and other recent postings from the L1. I've still Lobbes Portage exploration, Bvt's Gales exploration and Billymg's MP-WP patch viewer discussion to (re)read, but getting back to stuff I've done so far, well... reviewing 2019 took more than a couple of days, as it grew organically into a mega-article that I published on the 13th instead of rushing it out earlier. And to be honest, I hoped there'd be more stuff-I-did to talk about, but well.

So for the rest of January, I have a few days to review and, if needed, comment on other writings. Then I have a couple2 of Feedbot bugs that I need to fix and add to the V tree. Then there's installing Gales, which I said I'd do last month but for various reasons didn't, and... well, I guess this sums up January.

Up next, I need to start looking into TMSR-bootable boards, some of which are already in the logs, others of which I own regardless of whether they've been explicitly mentioned in the past and some of which I'll very likely need to buy and test, given that I already have a largely unfulfilled hardware-to-buy list from late 2019. But before rushing to plan the next steps, I'm anticipating that the Gales review will have at least some influence on my view of things and priorities. So we'll take another, more in-depth look when we get there.

  1. Which by the way, contains a link to a MoseleyMarks06a.pdf which I'm still slowly going through. This might be worth reviewing even, in light of all the recent (software and otherwise) engineering discussions. 

  2. Yes, a couple, as I found one more meanwhile. January is Feedbot bugfixing month! 

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2 Responses to “Work plan for M1 2020”

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    Robinson Dorion says:

    Sounds good on giving Gales a spin and TMSR-bootable boards. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with on both ends.

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