The ever shorter days of November; and the dark times ahead.

November 30, 2020 by Lucian Mogosanu

'Tis a chilly, silent, even peculiarly soothing evening here in Bükreş. You can still hear the rain trickling metronomically from the rooftops, followed by the occasional automobile riding them mean streets; but that's nothing compared to the full-on winter getting installed earlier today, with large snowlakes hastily sitting themselves one by one on the very same rooftops, and on the trees and... I'd say this shitty town looks pretty for a change, and for the time being.

As for myself, well, I've been busy, as usual -- researching, going deeper; finding faults, in the actual objects of my work as well as my own process; fixing, optimizing, failing, hitting walls, breaking through them, then reiterating. There's not much to add to that, at the end of the day. The whole thing continues until I drop dead, maybe with small moments of respite such as this one; a respite which often becomes the birthplace of very interesting non-respite, and on and on and on and on it goes, as Dio used to say.

So I woke up this morning and, in a moment of repose, I gave the news a read. Were this 2017, I would do it again: I would sit patiently, going through every word of every one of those pieces of shit published by the great brainwashing machine; and I would write down the things I see in a form that's tolerable to whomever still reads The Tar Pit. Sure, it would take me much less, given my previous experience, but why bother? 2017 is still there, and so are 2016, the end of 2015 and the one of 2013. And 2013 ain't even that far away back, so just go read them, make some points, show me where I was wrong and who knows where this might lead. Or better yet, don't, who knows what dragons lie there.

Anyway, I woke up this morning and between two sips of hot chocolate I gave the news a read. And leaving aside the lulz -- let's not kid ourselves, we could never leave aside the lulz -- it's somehow snowed in town, just after the local mayor decided to send everyone home on the 27th. I can imagine how the discussion went: sure Mr. Mayor gave y'all a free day, but get your asses to work already, 'cause it dun snowed; just like in that Höfer/Mărculescu series where the local peasants are lined up to get everything prepared for the secretary's arrival during communism; and y'know, I don't mean that it went just like that; but that it occured this way with a surgical precision, because that's just who these people are: stupid, all the way down to the fucking bone.

Speaking of communism, I also hear that the Great Leaders of This World have great things in store for us. Winds are shifting and while the more stupid ones among the politicians are busy turning their heads left, then right, then left, then all the way into the sand, I guess -- while some politicians still haven't learned anything from all these, others are starting to understand now, at the eleventh hour, that the West is at least a decade behind China in the implementation of a working social engineering machine, for some values of "working", at least. So now some of 'em are putting forward various "Proposals of measures", while others are continuously working on the precision of their bullets. Something's definitely bound to come out of that, and it definitely won't be what those of you who tell yourselves that you know what you want actually want, but very much like the case with history itself goes, nobody gives the slightest shit until it's too late to actually matter. Not like "shit mattering" means anything anymore, I might just as well start preaching about "unity" for the same money.


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