Work plan for M2 2020

February 7, 2020 by Lucian Mogosanu

Last month I, in order: looked back at 2019; fixed some Feedbot bugs; and went through some of the details of Gales. Overall, I did everything I set out to do, mostly because I set out to do so little and so late, that... well.

It's worth adding that so far in 2020, so-called saecular work wrapped me up pretty hard, and by the looks of it it's going to continue to capture much of my attention until March/April. Not that I'm complaining, quite far from it in fact; I'm learning a bunch of new things through both positive and negative experience and examples, and while at it I'm working to fix that bug of mine that gets me to underestimate all sorts of things, mainly by making schedules, estimating the resources involved in work and trying to stick to the plan, all this in an environment that's not particularly, or at least not always friendly to this sort of thing. The bad part about all this is that it's diminishing my ability to follow discussions and interact in the forum in a timely fashion, so for now I expect my to-read, to-write and to-do lists to only keep growing.

All this considered, let's see what's next. For one, I'll look at hardware from all points of view that go through my mind, i.e. given the UEFI derpage and other assorted ills plaguing post-2014 hardware, I'm interested mainly in what's historically been used by the Lordship, which calls for a deep dive through the logs. I also want to determine how available is (what seems to be) the most promising of options, namely the APU1 board, and if you have any other ideas besides that, don't hesitate to shoot them at me in the comments section below.

Then there's that minor issue with footnote content not showing in tooltips on my blog, that's been falling through the cracks ever since I installed the damn thing... because it's a minor item, isn't it? Well fuck me, I have to prioritize fixing this already.

On a more personal note, all this busi-mess calls for some hard partying too, so I'll be away for weekends in the near-term, hopefully in pretty lands that are to be properly photographed and blogged. Otherwise, I see folks are having fun with all sorts of stuff, so who knows, maybe I'll join the party on that front, Meanwhile, I'm signing off for... well, you'll see!

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    spyked says:

    Meanwhile, in other sads, the TRB node over at house Mogoșanu -- sounds quite pompous by the way, doesn't it? -- has been dead for a while now, on account of a failed SSD. Replacement hardware is ready to be deployed; replacement software perhaps not so much, given that I'll probably have to continue relying on heathen operating systems for the time being; anyway, at the rate all my work is accumulating, I expect the node to be back online at some point in March.

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