The stuff they write on walls

August 28, 2022 by Lucian Mogosanu

Wandering through downtown Brașov, or indeed, through any other town in urban Romania, one will readily notice a certain sort of pop-underground-culture slash propaganda developing as the years pass, cohabiting with all the other stuffs, some by now centuries old. Every once in a while, some kid or the other finds in their heart the urge to "express their thoughts to the world", in the very same fashion the archetypal hobo finds the urge to take the piss... on some wall or the other. This makes this article a sort of meta-exposition, in the sense that I take the writings they placed on walls and, in turn, I place it on my wall, for all interwebs to see -- a barely post-processed transposition from one medium to the other, as it were. I expect this to make little sense to the non-natives, but what can I do other than offer my translation where possible.

Below: "she was wasted by the weed, I was wasted by her".

Above: something someone once herd and attempted to (inexactly) repet; but did he repet it often enough? and, more importantly, did it become religion?

Below, someone was playing tic-tac-toe on a brick:

More thoughts about getting wasted:

The bottom line here is, whenever you have a choice to make between women and drugs, pick the former, as they're just plain better.

Someone woke up upside down:

... and someone loves tits:

In all fairness, who doesn't?

Above: some other entirely uninteresting thing that Kurt Kobain supposedly said. Below: Dungeons, as well as Dragons.

The above is not translatable, but it's a rough Romanian equivalent of the previous, i.e.: if some imbecile repeats a proverb often enough, the proverb in question will thereby end up being "repetead" at nauseam by all idiots, without any regard to its meaning.

You will really need to expand the following photo to see it in its entirety. It reads: "Pussy tight, Pussy clean, Pussy fresh, Pussy pretty, Pussy fat, Full of flesh". They forgot the heart hieroglyph though.

No comment, really.

Not only is the bit above untranslatable, but it refers to a video piece on the interwebs that you would have to properly contextualize in order to make any sense of it.

Anyway, this is where we pay homage to Corneliu Vadim Tudor, a walking library and a sort of showbiz figure during the first decade of the 2000s. He was also the leader of the trainwreck that was Partidul România Mare1, mostly used as an electoral pawn in the presidential elections of 2000, as support for the old wolf Ion Iliescu. In the referenced video Vadim stands waiting for the commencement of a live TV session at the grave of one Adrian Iovan, a well-known pilot who had died in a plane accident, and asks, through a set of well-placed profanities, some dude named Marian, probably one of the assistants, to bring his fucking phone already.

Below: you're not expected to get this either.

Further below: the greatest from the carpati... also, fashuns.

Someone else is loving 'em titties:


I guess he genuinely wanted to say something, I'm not sure what:

Outside of the Rope street lies... an intermission.

This statuette had all its arms intact the last time I saw it. I suppose by the next time I visit Brașov, the orcs will break her tits as well. Anyways, getting back to our scheduled show of writings on the wall.

Above: "I'm not lazy, I just don't support capitalism". That's what they keep telling themselves, don't they? Their stupid parents busted their asses to "make sure the kids have all they need", so these all-the-stupider kids bought into that all-so-often-repetead-lie that "history has ended", so now they could all sit on their asses and complain about how "capitalism was bad, mmkay".

A despicable sort of excuse, what else can I say.

Below: "I hope the cops don't come".

Above: something I've seen before. Below: I suppose Felicia P. must have been doing some really great cocksucking.

Further: let's not give tits all the attention, asses deserve some love too!

A bunch of other nonsense:

... followed by a retake on that "pussy clean, pussy fresh" thing:

Further nonsense:

Above: in a society that abolished all fun, the only fun left is... GTA 5, I s'ppose. Below: further anarchist nonsense.

This doesn't mean anything either, but at least it looks decent:

Finally: 'member Geore Enescu?

  1. The Greater Romania party, known to Romanians at the time as PRM 

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