Schedule for Republican work, May-June 2019

090 May 18, 2019 -- (tmsr)

I ended the past few months with Gutenberg, Feedbot and a lot of walking around the country; time to look now at what I'm to do in the next few weeks. Let's start with another look at the outstanding items on the list, in mostly arbitrary order:

As the reader can see, the list is considerably large, not even accounting for all the things that I don't remember. Thus, I will plan not for one, but for two items for the following period:

Well, three items. So based on the estimates above, I should be back here about next month this time -- although experience shows that delays may occur, either caused by imperial business trying to swallow me whole, or due to imperial rot trying to swallow other things of importance. I'm still working on my estimates; and same as Lobbes, at the end of this round I'll just circle back to the list above.