Work plan for M10 2019

October 4, 2019 by Lucian Mogosanu

The plan last month looked very good on paper, and yet reality went quite differently. Summarizing the CL-WWWism work, I've come to the conclusion that it's wiser to use whatever Republican infrastructure there is than attempt to reinvent the wheel out of arbitrary considerations. And although I'm confident I made the right choice, this doesn't mean I should throw all that previous work down the drain, so...

So as a first step I published all that code I've been studying and/or using for a while: Hunchentoot, some improvements to Feedbot and the scaffolding for this blog; and since code's not everything in this life, there's them photo blogs for the eye to enjoy.

Now the first week of October is almost over after using up a good chunk of my time to document my latest trip, and another good chunk to lay out the plan for this month and write code that I'm to publish in the following weeks. Thus, for M10, I'm committing to the following:

  • Week 41: make my MP-WP blog public and iron out any problems that might appear -- I currently have a pilot instance in place and the Wordpress theme is almost there, but not quite; moreover, I haven't imported the old posts, nor have I tested comments, trackbacks, or the selection script.
  • Week 42: publish a bunch of MP-WP-related patches, the more important part being an importer for thetarpit-lbs posts into MP-WP.
  • Week 43: publish more MP-WP related stuff. Right now it's hard to say what this "stuff" denotes precisely. Long story short, as I'm diving into the MP-WP code, I'm discovering that it's quite easy to adapt to my regular workflow, so I'm sure that at least the documentation work will prove useful.
  • Week 44: read, play with and sign Asciilifeform's logotron. Ideally I should be able to stand up my own logger by the end of said week, but I'm still undecided whether to attempt using the cl-irc logger as a backend or switch over completely to the Python bot. As mentioned, spykedbot still has some usefuls in its bag, and I'm still wondering whether I should just port that to the current Republican bot.
  • Crossing into M11, there's week 45: Speaking of bots, I've a few ideas to improve my Feedbot maintenance workflow, including auto-reconnection and further decoupling of the "checker" (the part which makes HTTP requests to RSS feeds) from the "announcer" (the part which sends out IRC notifications).

Further, it's not yet entirely clear to me what the rest of M11 will consist of, so I need to review both the big to-do list and the logs to get a better idea of the most pressing problems that I should start working on. There's a shitton of them, so any suggestions regarding priorities are as usual more than welcome.

Finally, this is the last post on this "half-a-blog" thetarpit-lbs platform, I will preserve it somewhere and bid it au revoir -- who knows, maybe not quite adieu? All the following articles will be published on the MP-WP blog, which is funny, given that I wrote this to-be-ex-blog-scaffolding trying to get rid of Wordpress. On the other hand, you'll finally be able to interact directly with these posts through comments etc., so... win!

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